Rocking Star Yash Movies Hit And Flop List,

Yash All Movies Hits And Flops List Box Office Verdict

Rocking Star Yash Movies Hit And Flop List, Yash Hits And Flops


KGF Star Yash has Done 18 Films, See the hits and flops, collection of All The Films

Yash All Movies List Blockbusters Super Hits & Flops, Box Office Collection And Yeah All Movies List Reports.

Hi Friends 'KGF' Released with 'Zero' these days, there is also in the discussion. Because the graphics shown in the trailer of 'KGF' are quite amazing, the foreseeable look of Yash is putting four faces in it. Today we will tell you a collection of 18 movies of KGF Star Yash.

Rocking Star Yash Movies Hit And Flop List

Moggina Mansu

Moggina Mansu  Yash started working as lead actor from Shashank's directed movie Moggina Mansu released in 2008. Romantic love story base here yash is seen in the role of Rahul. Let's tell you that Yash's debut movie went on for 100 days and proved to be a super hit by making Rs 12 crores.

Rocking Star Yash Movies Hit And Flop List
Rocky - Yash


Rocky – Yash second film 'Rocky', released in 2008, Proved to be a Super-Duper Hit at the Yash Film box office Collection. It has earned a huge amount of Rs 30 crore at the box office.

Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari

Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari  –  Directed by Santosh Anandram and Radhika Pandit start movie 'Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari' is a romantic drama film of 2015. Let's tell you that it has collected Rs 50 crores at the box office in just 6 weeks.


Googly – Yash, Kriti Kharbanda, Anant Nag Starrer is a movie made in the film 'Googly' directed by Pawan Wadeyar. This movie, released in 2013, has proved to be a hit by Rs 42 crores at the box office Collection.

Kannada yash all hits and flops film list rocking star yash KGF movie box office collection and yash all movies collections.

Yash All Movies List, Super Hits, Blockbusters, Flops, Movies List

Rocking Star Yash Movies Hit And Flop List, Yash Hits And Flops

Yash All Movies Hit And Flop List Box Office Verdict

Movies Year Collection Hit/Flop
Moggina Manasu 2012 12.Crore Super-Hit
Rocky 2018 30.Crore Average
Kallara Santhe 2009 3.Crore Flop
Gokula 2019 5.Crore Flop
Thamassu 2010 34.Crore Hit
Modalasala 2010 35.Crore Hit
Rajdhani 2011 38.Crore Average
Kirataka 2012 33.Crore Hit
Lucky 2012 32.Crore Hit
Jaanu 2012 31.Crore Average
Drama 2012 15.Crore Hit
Googly 2013 42.Crore Super-Hit
Raja Huli 2013 29.Crore Super-Hit
Gajakesari 2014 30.Crore Hit
Mr.and Mrs.Ramachari 2014 50.Crore Blockbuster
Masterpiece 2015 35.Crore Hit
Santhu Straight Forward 2016 38.Crore Hit
KGF Chapter 2018 243.Crore All Time Blockbuster
KGF Chapter 2 2020 *** Coming Soon

Yash All Movies List, Blockbusters Super Hits & Flops Movies Complete List

Yash's all Movies Total 18 added

Flop/Disaster – 02

Average/Above average – 03

Semi Hit/ Hit – 08

Super Hit/ Hit – 03

Blockbuster – 02

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Apart from this, 18 of Yash's films include Colera Satha, Gokula, Thammasu, Modalasala, Rajdhani, Kirtika, Lucky, Janu, Drama, King Holi, Gaja Kesari, Masterpiece and Santhu Stright Forward. Let's tell you that in 18 films, only 2 movies of Yash have flopped.

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