Top Most Amazing Movies Of Bollywood 2018

Top Greatest and amazing Bollywood Movies Of 2018 Without any argument 2018 Ha's been one of the best year for Bollywood because in 2018 many great, out of the box and extraordinary film's were released and the ratio of those typical commercial movies was quite less which is a great achievement for Bollywood. So here are top greatest Bollywood movies of 2018 Hind Best Love movie and best horror movie and best Bollywood comedy movie 


5) Raazi

Top Most Amazing Movies Of Bollywood 2018

This year several female-led films did wonders at the box-office and the biggest and most successful of them was Raazi. It was one of the most loved and successful movies of 2018 and definitely one of the best movie of Alia Bhatt. It was about Sehmat Khan who is married into a Pakistani family by her father so that she can get some valuable piece of information about the enemy.

4) Stree

Top Most Amazing Movies Of Bollywood 2018

It was very rare to see a comedy horror film in Bollywood, that ends up becoming one of the most successful film's of the year. Stree was one of the most fun and entertaining movie of 2018 and because of that it just deserved to be on the list.was based on the Indian urban legend Nale Ba about a spirit who knocks on peoples door's at night. The movie had a slow start but later word of mouth and social media reviews played a huge role in the success of the movie.

3) Tumbbad

Top Most Amazing Movies Of Bollywood 2018

Tumbbad Ha's to be considered A's the best and the greatest psychological horror film of Bollywood. This movie has one of the best visuals Bollywood ever Ha's to offer. Sohum Shah displays his versatility by comfortably combining an alluring handsomeness with the slimy aspect of his character and giving a great performance. Tumbbad is a beautifully shot and a well thought out psychological horror film with strong visuals and metaphors.

2) Badhaai Ho

Top Most Amazing Movies Of Bollywood 2018

Badhaai Ho undoubtedly was the funniest and best Bollywood comedy movie of 2018. This movie is proof of the fact that our audience has grown up and can differentiate between a good film and a bad film. It is a comical and emotional roller coaster. It keeps you engaged throughout and has gives many lessons under the laughter it ensues. This movie is packed with powerful performances, punchy lines and hilarious turn of events and it became one of India's biggest entertainers and blockbusters. The best thing about Badhaai Ho was the cast and wittiness, The best part about the cast is that not one person ever looks as though they are “trying” to be funny.

1) Andhadhun

Top Most Amazing Movies Of Bollywood 2018

It was no surprise that Andhadhun is going to the number one on this list, with out any argument this film is the best and most amazing movie of 2018. 2018 was definitely a excellent year for Ayushmann Khurrana as this movie made on the budget of 25 crores was a major success. Open to a variety of interpretations, and from beginning to end, Undhadun is an engaging thriller.

The film's open-ended ending became a topic of debate and was something that Indian audiences deserved. The movies story was engaging, the screenplay was amazing, every actor did an incredible job and the direction was flawless. It was just a perfect movie.

There are some honorable mentions too like Padman, Raid, Manmarziyaan, Padmaavat, Karwaan, Parmanu, Bhavesh Joshi Superhero and Mukkabaaz.

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