Sanju Box Office Collection Day Wise Worldwide Day 28: Ranbir Kapoor movie is still making money.

Sanju Box Office Collection Day Wise Worldwide

Rajkumar Hirani's Sanju is the fourth highest grossing film of all time. Even after completing one month at the box office, this Sanjay Dutt biopic has refused to bow down and now has four weeks left with new releases. Its collection stands at Rs 341.22crore, just ahead of Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai, which is expected to cost Rs 339.17 crore in a dramatic run.

Now, Sanju Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion (Rs 510.99 crores), Dangal (Rs 387.38 crores) and PK (Rs 340.8 crores) are behind. Baahubali - If it is out of the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Dangal, Sanju should win Rajkumar Hirani's own PK these days. Now that the weekdays have begun, Hollywood's Mission: Impossible - Fallout is still in theaters and Shashank Khaitan's Sairat remake Dhadak is still strong in theaters, drawing viewers.

Sanju received positive reviews from editor film critic Shubra Gupta. He said Once you have reconciled with Sanjay, we get and there is no other way to get anything in Hiranis movie, you can sit down and enjoy the movie. I had a blast until the halfway mark. Ranbir Kapoor can totally believe that Sanjay-Sanju is not only his (Dutt's) unique body language and his Lehza code, but also his internal confusion. Paresh Rawal, playing Sunil Dutt with exemplary restraint, Kapoor will step in, step up in places. Manisha Koirala, as Nargis, you want more of her. Jim Sarbh is very good and pretty as a bad-guy, and Vicki Kaushal teaches life lessons as Sanju's loyal New York-based gulp buddy, which is absolutely terrific. And Hirani is top notch, getting all of his reel characters through real, character-driven, entertaining storytelling.
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Sanju Box Office Collection Day Wise Worldwide

Sanju Box Office Collection

Day 28: 
0.8 crores 
0.85 crore 

Day 28:
0.8 Crore 
0.85 Crore 

Day 27:
0.85 Crore 
0.9 Crore 

Day 26:
0.9 Crore 
0.98 Crore 

Day 25:
1  Crore 
1 Crore 

Day 24:
2.75  Crore
3.28 Crore 

Day 23:
2  Crore 
2.19 Crore 

Day 22:
1.25  Crore 
1.28 Crore 

Day 21:
2  Crore 
2.34 Crore 

Day 20:
2.2 Crore 
2.42 Crore 

Day 19:
2.25 Crore 
2.59 Crore 

Day 18:
2.5 Crore 
2.81 Crore 

Day 17:
8.5 Crore 
9.29 Crore 

Day 16:
6.75 Crore 
7.75 Crore 

Day 15:
4 Crore 
4.42 Crore 

Day 14:
5.5 Crore 

Day 13:
6.25 Crore 

Day 12:
7.5 Crore 

Day 11:
9.25 Crore 

Day 10:
28 Crore 
28.05 Crore 

Day 9:
21.25 Crore
22.02 Crore

Day 8:
12.5 Crore
12.9 Crore

Day 7:
15.5 Crore
16.1 Crore

Day 6:
18.75 Crore 
18.9 Crore 

 Day 5:
22.1 Crore 
22 Crore 

Day 4:
25.25 Crore 
25.35 Crore 

Day 3:
46.7 Crore 
46.71 Crore 

Day 2:
38.41 Crore 
38.6 Crore 

 Day 1:
34.75 Crore 
34.19 Crore


336. 19. Crore
341. 22. Crore  for 35 days


587.Crore  gross Worldwide

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