Top 10 Highest Budget Hollywood Movies Of All Time Hollywood

Top 10 Highest Budget Hollywood Movies Of All Time, Hollywood film industry is popular throughout the world for its unique and creative movies. In Hollywood movie's you can find amazing story playing, casting, and screenplay. Most Hollywood films are high-budget, and filmmakers are spending huge amounts of money to make their film outstanding for the audience.

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That's why Hollywood films earn the highest amount of money on the box office in the Top 10 Worldwide Highest Hollywood Movies list. Most of the Hollywood films can be found based on fantasy, true story and comic characters, and much more. Special effects on those films always play an important role in capturing the audiences attention.

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If you're a lover of Hollywood movies and want to know which are Hollywood highest budget movies ever, check out this fresh list of Hollywood's top 10 highest budget movies ever. These are the most expensive movies made by Hollywood so far.

Top 10 Highest Budget Hollywood Movies Of All Time Hollywood

10- Titanic $200 million USD

9- King Kong $207 Million USD

8- Avatar $237 Million USD

7- Spectre $245 million USD

6- Avenger: Age of Ultron $250 million USD

5. Spider-Man 3 $258 million USD

4- Tangled $260 million USD

3- John Carter $263 million USD

2- Waterworld $271 million USD

1- Pirates of the Caribbean (On Stranger Tides) $397 million USD

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The Completely Hollywood Top 10 Highest Budget Movies Of All Time.

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