Top 10 Hottest Kannada Party Songs Of 2018

The Bangalore times newspaper has declared the list of Top 10 Kannada party songs of 2018. Which features the most trending and party genre type songs in the year 2018.

Salaam rocky bhai tops the table

As we all know the masterpiece of Kannada cinema KGF is a golden film in this language. This film was mainly known for best cinematography and background score. So, this film has 2 party genre songs and both have been featured in top 10 list.

Top 10 Hottest Kannada party songs of 2018

Tick tick and Jokae are the most trending DJ

The villain songs were the most trending song of the season leading with tick tick song which is a remake of older version fused to DJ. Yet another old song remade in modern style was Jokae starring Tamanna Bhatia did went crazy among the audience.

Top 10 Hottest Kannada party songs of 2018

Top 10 Kannada Party Songs List of 2018 

1 Salaam Rocky bhai |KGF
2 Tick tick tick |The villain
3 Tagaru banthu tagaru |Tagaru
4 Enne Nandu |Kanaka
5 Chuttu chuttu |Raambo 2
6 Naav maneg hogodilla |Victory 2
7 Mental ho jawa |Tagaru
8 Hey jaleela |Ambi Ning vayassaytho
9 Top to bottom |Gaanchaali
10 Jokae |KGF

Top 10 Hottest Kannada party songs of 2018

So, day by day the Kannada music is going to top notch with lot of new melodies in every single genre may be Romantic, Drama, action BGM's, Emotional or any other.

So, for more updates follow our page and don't forget to comment your favourite party song among these.

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