Top 10 times Marvel & DC copied each other,
Hey! What's up lovely people? Welcome to my Uc news channel 'Respect The Authoritah' where you can get all the entertaining related articles everyday. In this article we are going see the top 10 Marvel and DC comics copy cats.

We all love superheroes but the competition between DC and Marvel is never over. There are similarities in some of their characters and many wonder who is the original. So now we'll find it out.

#10. Ghost Rider (Marvel) & Atomic Skull (DC)

The Phantom biker, as the character of Johnny Blaze is known in these part's was an original work of Marvel in 1972. Four year's later, in 1976, DC presented the character of Albert Michaels, who would become Atomic Skull after a radioactive accident. Although the origins are very different but you only have to look at the photo to verify that something more than a slight inspiration was there. So Marvel wins this round.

#9. Wasp (Marvel) & Bumblebee (DC)

According to the Wikipedia, I find that while Wasp first appeared in Tales to Astonish in 1963, Bumblebee didn’t appear until Teen Titans in 1976. Of course the costume is similar, as they are both similarly themed, but DC could maybe go out of their way to carve their own unique bug-woman instead of just saying “But ours is black! Not the same!” So another point for Marvel.

#8. Doom Patrol (DC) & X-Men (Marvel)

In this case, it is enough symptom that two similar publications appear in the market with only a few months apart. Doom Patrol was created by DC in April 1963. Only 5 months later, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby brought the first X-Men to the world: a patrol of mutant characters discriminated against by society and led by a man in a wheelchair. So DC wins this round.

#7. Darkseid (DC) & Thanos (Marvel)

Darkseid is an imposing extraterrestrial villain for DC in the year 1970. In 1973 when Marvel introduces the character of Thanos, again an extraterrestrial mega villain with an appearance in a high percentage similarities to that of Darkseid. So this time DC wins the round.

#6. Deadpool (Marvel) & Deathstroke (DC)

Created in 1980, Deathstroke is the name by which Slade Wilson is known, who after undergoing a military experiment of the United States Government becomes a super soldier with agility, perception and strength, great aim and an accelerated healing capacity that while it did not make him immortal. Marvel introduced the Deadpool character in 1991, nicknamed Wade Wilson. If the coincidence in the name does not seem enough reason, you could copy and paste the synopsis of the origins of the character and powers would be equally valid. At least Marvel endowed Deadpool with madness and bipolarity that have led him to constantly break the barrier. But DC also wins this round.

#5. Aquaman (DC) & Namor (Marvel)

The character Namor first appeared 1939s Marvel Comics and after knowing that he was the original Marvel superhero DC introduced Aquaman after 4 year's in 1943. So this round Marvel wins.

#4. Dr. Strange (Marvel) & Dr. Fate (DC)

In 1940 DC introduced the character of Dr. Fate or Doctor Destino. Kent Nelson was the character under the name, an archaeologist who discovers the tomb of the deity Nabu and he transmits his magical powers that he puts at the service of others as a hero. In the case of Marvel, it would not be until that prolific 1963 when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko present the character of Doctor Strange, who will have a film in 2016. In addition to the enormous intelligence associated with his work (Stephen Strange was a neurosurgeon). He also had the power to control magic and chance at your convenience. So DC wins this round.

#3. Hulk (Marvel) & Solomon Grundy (DC)

The visual similarities between these two are unmistakable. Both of them are virtually indestructible. But Solomon Grundy appeared first 1944 and much later Hulk came in the Marvel comics. So DC wins this round.

#2. Plastic Man (DC) & Mr. Fantastic (Marvel)

The good guy from Plastic Man, or Patrick O'Brian, was first seen in comics in 1941, created by Jack Cole. The curious thing about this case is that in 1960, DC self-plagiarizes, we might say, and creates Elongated Man, a character with identical powers but obtained by synthesizing a mystic fruit. It seems that this sixties tug ended up convincing Marvel to create his own version, because in just one year in 1961 the first appearance of Mr. Fantastic, with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Beyond the fact that he acquired superpowers as an effect of radiation, the possibilities of Reed Richards' character were the same. So DC wins this round too.

#1. Magneto (Marvel) & Dr. Polaris (DC)

Doctor Polaris is the alias for the character of Neal Emerson introduced in June 1963 by DC. The origin of the powers of the character is fixed by Emerson's obsession with magnetic fields as an object of study. Well, the idea must have been in Marvel, that only a few months later, in September 1963, Marvel presented the well-known Magneto today. The origin of their powers is determined by their mutant nature, but beyond that, the powers are identical to 99%. So DC win this round too.

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