Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ravi Belagere Life Story Bigg Boss Season 7

Ravi Belagere  Bigg Boss Session 7

Ravi Belagere Life Story Speech in
Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada, has just started five days. Sooner or later this version will be admired by the people. The reason is the competitors. Most importantly, special guest Ravi Belagere won the hearts of onlookers.

Yes, viewers like the way Ravi Belgere is playing in the house of 'Bigg Boss'. In yesterday's episode, Ravi Belagere talked about his mother and his life Story

The 'Bigg Boss' gave all the contestants a chance to talk about Dad-Mom. Everyone talked about their father and mother and wept. Ravi Belagere, too, became the mother's son.

This is a very happy day for me Ravi Belagere said. And as Ravi Belagere said about his mother inside the Bigg Boss house ...

Ravi Belagere Life Story

Ravi Belagere  Bigg Boss Session 7

Ravi Belagere is a khadak person, angry and direct. Audrey unveils the emotional face of Ravi Morning at the Bigg Boss house yesterday. Belagere remembers every single moment he spent with his mother and wept as a young child.

Yes, at the Bigg Boss house yesterday there was an order to tell the mother or father. Likewise, everybody said a song and told about their parents. Ravi Belagere also claimed about his mother. They remember their mother and shed tears.

Ravi Belagere  Bigg Boss Session 7

“I'm just my mom's son. I don't know who my father is. I was a child born after my father died, what my father was like. Belagere Parvathamma, the father of a baby in the world in 1958 without a father, without a husband I didn't keep the father's name. I am the mother's son. ”

"Namma was suffering from paralysis. I did all kinds of service for her. I got married at age 21 to help my mother. We both look at my mother very well. Once worshiped, Mummy received a second attack. I was in a coma for 13 days because I fell down. But we are dead in the morning, Hogbitt without saying a word to me. ”

Ravi Belagere  Bigg Boss Session 7

Today I have earned crores of crores. I have my own newspaper, I have built a good school, but there is no mother. My mother doesn't look like this. My mother had to see all this, but her mother didn't come to do what we did now. Take care of it all. Whoever takes care of his mother takes good care of his life Tell me Ravi Belagere shed tears.